Baahubali to release as one film!

Baahubali is a franchise of two films that released over a period of three years. The first one became a huge success all over India and left many audience wondering, Why Kattappa Killed Baahubali? for almost two years. What if we did not have to wait that long? What if the movie was one long film of 3:30 hrs or 4 hrs? It would have been sensational and easy to see as well.

To give such thoughts wings Baahubali producers have decided to release the film again as one long by clubbing both the movies. There are re-editing and trying to take out all the lagging parts in both the films. The team did decide to make it as one film first and then due to some financial reasons and also, as the scope of the story is huge, they decided to make it as three films and add some more points. Many thought had the film been made in one long part it would have been better when they saw the first part and even after knowing the reason behind the killing of Baahubali, several opined it would have been a sensational film as one without the lags and drags.

So, to give Fans the experience of one film and also have two versions existing, the makers have decided to release Baahubali as one film in theatres soon. Film Nagar buzz is that it is just for fans that the makers are planning to do so and give them an experience. Prabhas, Rajamouli, Rana Daggubati and Anushka Shetty have become huge stars after the release of the two films and both have cumulatively grossed more than 3000 crores at the Box Office globally. Let’s see what this movie will be as a single one film!