Baahubali has many investors?

Many films in Telugu Cinema have several investors apart from the producer, as it is highly risky for one person to take the entire burden of production on his or her shoulders. They try to cater to different whims of the several cast members and even try to arrange for all the requirements of the production team in time. At times, for many big movies even though producers to tend to rely on table profits to finish the production, uncertainty prevails and they go knocking on the doors of several bigwigs to invest in their project in order to complete it on time.

In case of Big projects, several investors do become presenters for the movie and they help the producers in clearing off their debts or in production in different ways. Well, the team of Baahubali has been claiming that only Arka Media Works is behind the production and no other investors are involved in the movie. Well, we would not have cared for any claims had it been a regular commercial pot-boiler but it being the ‘Baahubali’ that smashed all existing Indian gross box office records in every language it released except for Malayalam, the interest obviously will be double to know about all the dark horses too.

According to the buzz, presenter K. Raghavendra Rao had even cleared off some debts at the important times along with attaining permissions from Government at different occasions to smoothly continue the shooting. Media Tycoon Ramoji Rao, helped the team by giving his Ramoji Film City studio for free of cost to the production team. Suresh Babu, Industrialist Nimmagadda Prasad and his friend Raja helped by investing money during the second part shooting as the movie needed lot more money to complete than the first one. Well, the producers have denied this completely and claimed that it was completely their money that went into production of the Magnum Opus.

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