Baahubali gains an Internatonal actor fan

Baahubali series has been one of the huge success stories from Telugu and Indian Cinema Worldwide. Many stood up and took notice of what a regional film with actors who are not World famous or National famous can do on the back of a good content and great visual strength. The movie became the most popular among all the Indian movies and also became a huge money spinner at the box office.

The movie also won National Awards for Visual Effects and the entertainment it provided to the entire Nation, as a popular entertainer. Now, Winston Duke, who played M’Baku in Black Panther revealed that he is a big fan of Baahubali movies and posted it on his Instagram with the screenshots of the film. Baahubali movie official Twitter handle thanked him for his love.

They tweeted,
“Hey @Winston_Duke, thanks for your love for our #Baahubali films and Indian Cinema… Glad you loved them! We absolutely enjoyed your M’Baku role in #BlackPanther. Looking forward for #AvengersInfinityWar.”

Winston Duke replied,

“The pleasure is all mine. Thank you for the masterpiece !!!”

The actor is one of his famous interviews said that in Tobago, his home country, he used to stay with Indians and watched many Indian movies with them. Hence, he developed an habit of following Indian films and Baahubali is his current favorite film.