At last one star decides to end fan wars!

Tamil movie stars and their fans have been highly emotional and volatile with changing times. While Rajnikanth and Kamal Haasan maintained their friendship over the years, Ajith and Vijay, could not stay the same over the years. They have grown in popularity over the years but their fans have started fighting and abusing each other and people who chose to even slightly critique the actors.

Well, such behaviour has lead for a bad name to the actors as well as many wanted them to come out and give standing instructions to their fans to not involve in such petty fights. Ajith has dissolved the fan associations and asked them to concentrate more on their lives than his films. Now, the fans of Vijay have gone a step overboard by abusing a critic and film journalist Dhanya Rajendran. She had been gaining support from all quarters and finally, Vijay also decided to warn his fans about their behaviour.

Actually, Dhanya commented on SRK’s movie, Jab Harry Met Sejal and said she felt it worse than Sura, movie of Vijay. For that fans took offense and they demanded the journalist to apologise and even abused her with 63k tweets. Finally, Vijay asked his fans to respect her opinion and also give women the respect they deserve and asked them to not abuse or even target them like this further if they like him and respect him.

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