Are filmmakers looking at reviews as promotional articles?

These days many actors, directors, filmmakers are targeting reviewers and critics about the reviews that expose their shortcomings. Hero Srikanth too lashed out on reviews at his film, Operation 2019, press meet.

Srikanth at the press meet did seem unhappy. He praised his director, Karanam Babji. “I am happy with the film and did with a purpose in my mind. We wanted to give a message about who should be elected and how times have changed.

But the reviews have hurt me. My team is also very hurt by them. We did the movie to entertain the audience and we saw them being engaged through the last minute in the theatres.

I can’t really argue with the reviews as I respect the views of different people. But then they have to understand a producer and crew of a film, hard work too. They just can’t scribble something negative as they like as it affects many careers. There are many people who believe reviews and ratings before watching a film,” concluded Srikanth.

Well, when reviews are able to push the good Word of Mouth to help the films then why can’t they also expose flaws? They are just a reflection of the film. Why to only target them? They are not promoting the film but reflecting on them. It is these reviews that could have been used for promotions had they been positive. Then why can’t they accept the fact and move on?!