Anushka to star in Gautam Menon’s film.!

Anushka Shetty, Sweety and Jejemma of Telugu Cinema, decided to take a break to get back to best of her health. The actress wants to reduce her weight first and as she developed few problems in her right leg while shooting for a Tamil movie, she decided to take maximum rest after the completion of Bhaagamathie. She is trying her best to get back into shape as soon as possible.

Many producers are waiting for her to be ready and they are planning female-oriented films with her, after watching the success of her Bhaagamathie. The actress has already accepted to be a part of Gautam Menon’s film in Tamil and Telugu. For it to start production, she needs to reduce some more weight and also, she needs to be right space of mind, as the role might cause a lot of strain and stress for her.

Anushka to a daily said, “I have given Gautam Vasudev Menon, a commitment long time ago. I will star in his film once I am back to a body shape, that I think will fit the role. I may not be getting the roles where heroes will be doing all the job and I have to just sing and dance, anymore. My age and image, have become a bigger factor. So, whenever I start next film, I should be mindful of the pressure this job exerts on me and should be able to cope up the stress of not letting down a director like Gautam. He always said that the movie he wants to make with me is his dream project and does bring some pressure with it. I will try to cope up and deliver a good film. Once I am ready and Gautam sir, is also ready, we can make an official announcement and start the work.”