Anushka in a silent thriller?

Sweety Shetty aka Anushka Shetty entered the Telugu Cinema Industry in a tomboy role in Super a decade ago. Even though she is an yoga instructor, her looks landed her modeling contracts and huge roles. She got acquitted with filmmaking process and slowly started enjoying it more than ever. After Arundhathi, she became one of those rare actresses who could be treated equal to leading men-stars as she could pull an opening only by her name.

Her name grew stronger with different films like Singham series, Billa, Ragada, Damarukham, Mirchi and Baahubali series. She is a formidable star power in Telugu Cinema and she proved that with Bhaagamathie. The movie collected huge on par with any male star film ober the weekend and ended up being another hit for her.

Now, the actress is busy reducing her weight and to get back into shape. Hemanth has come forward with a different script for her and she is excited to star in it. The movie is a silent thriller and Anushka will require to act more than talk it seems. We still don’t know about the project concretely but the buzz is that she will soon join the sets and finish the movie, silently