Anushka back in Arundhati form

Anushka Shetty is one of the most popular actresses in South India. She got her big break through with Arundhati ten years ago and she has become a box office star ever since. She increased her popularity by being in the movies like Mirchi, Baahubali series and many others that have made her popularity grow with each and every film. Now, she seems to be back to her Jejemma form with Bhaagamathie.

The actress did try to carry a film on her shoulders many times before, some kind of script shortcomings and other budget issues, have brought them down. But this time, UV Creations seem to have gone full blown into the production and Madhie’s visuals look the best with the right intensity. Mainly, Anushka being Bhaagamathie is getting the most notice from Telugu Social media.

Also, the story even though looks a bit old, the way, the scenes have been conceived with Anushka playing the part is being considered as the major highlight of the film. We have to say, the background score by SS Thaman is also a big highlight for the movie. Fans and common audience are looking forward for the film and it is releasing on 26th January.