Another actress to dub in her own voice!

These days, actress who come from other languages have made it point that they are also local heroines and want people to identify with them. Filmmakers have also saw an opportunity with the likes of Sai Pallavi creating a huge sensation as Bhanumathi in Fidaa. Along with her acting talent her unique voice has become her greater identity and she is in a way a trendsetter for many others.

Looking at her success, several are trying to speak in their own voice in films by learning Telugu. The latest entrant is the heroine of Arjun Reddy. Shalini Pandey, decided to dub in her own voice for the film and her experience as a Theatre actress helped her to do so. The director of the film encouraged her as that will give the film an unique tone among the rest. She completed the dubbing in just ten days and whole team is surprised and impressed by her dedication.

Vijay Devarakonda is coming with this film after his disappointing Dwaraka and he is highly confident that this movie will earn him a name as an actor and also commercial success. The movie promotions have started and it created a huge buzz among the young audience. The movie is releasing on 25th of August and even though there are few shades of Tere Naam, the movie is said to be a complete character driven story of a short tempered person, Arjun.

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