Anasuya firm on quitting social media

The popular anchor and actress took this decision on Tuesday, this week, as the negative news about her has been spread like a wildfire on social media. Many started giving her lectures and accused her off being too arrogant with fans. She did try to put her point of view across but nobody wanted to believe her or give a chance to hear her side of the story. The actress hence, took the decision to quit and when we asked about it, she firmly put her point across.

She said, “I am a working woman who is trying to figure out a balance between my work and personal life. My family is extremely supportive of my work adventures and I need to give them time as well. During that time, I may not be in a position to adhere to fan requests and may deny them simple pressures. I don’t get any kind of satisfaction by doing so. In fact, I take as many photos I can with them as they support me, unconditionally. But that day, I was visiting my parents and little busy with my work. I was not in a place to wait and smile for a photo.”

She continued, “Not understanding that, the woman and kid made it a big headline that I broke their phone. I did not break it and made it clear immediately, after the news broke that I just denied their request and walked off. May be that hurt them but I do have my emotions. I am a celebrity yes, public figute, yes, but not a public property like a park or a museum. You have to understand that. As far as social media is concerned, people have turned way negative and they want their frustrations to be loaded off on someone else. I cannot be that person and can’t take such kind of rudeness too.” She revealed that she may turn up on social media but not in neat future.