An International standard Mahabharat before Rajamouli!

Well, fans of SS Rajamouli might have to wait many more days or years, till the director announces his readiness to make Mahabharat. But the director might want to top this version and take even longer time making it tough for his fans to wait even longer than ever. There have been news and gossips about a Malayali filmmaker trying to bring the famous novelist MT Vasudevan Nair’s Randamoozham, version of Mahabharat to life on screen for many years.

The novelist has even written the script for the movie and the director is all ready to take it on floors but he needed a producer for his vision to come true. Ad filmmaker, Shrikumar Menon, just intensified his search as much as he could since Bahubali release and the grand success of the film and others as well, attracted a Dubai based businessman, to invest a sum of 1000 crores on the movie. Well, if a Malayalam film can gross 125 crores, a Hindi film can gross 750 crores and Telugu Film can gross 600 crores when dubbed into other languages then why not club all this potential by increasing the scope to even many more foreign languages with many familiar actors from different industries coming together? Well, the idea behind this project seems to be so and the makers are roping in many Academy award winners for the film and are taking the idea forward without any second thoughts.

The film will start filming by September 2018 with most of the prolific actors from various industries coming together on screen and the vision of the novelist is so different that the whole story will make a new sense as per the sources. The film is planned to be made in Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and will release all other languages and few foreign languages as dubbed versions. The casting will be the one you’ve never dreamt off and soon the production design will start once the crew and cast are locked for the movie. The movie will made in two parts and both will release with 9 months gap in 2020! Well, can this Vision2020 force Rajamouli to change his plans and bring his version soon to the table? If so, whose will you prefer?

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