An incident when NTR wanted to quit!

Senior NTR is known as the biggest legendary actor in Telugu Cinema along with ANR. He made the mythological characters his own forte and even gave his competitors run for money in other genres too. But when it comes to folklore and mythology, he is the only man who comes to our mind. We cannot imagine another actor as Lord Rama or Lord Krishna.

One time, when he got all ready to play Lord Krishna and came down with costume on to the set, he saw Vishnu and Krishna’s armory, Chakra and Shankam on the set. When he looked around he found Naga Bhushanam an old character actor sitting on the big throne that exactly looks like Krishna’s throne in Lord Krishna’s attire. He got angry by this and asked Producer, M.S.Reddy, how many Krishna(s) are in the film? M.S. Reddy, said that Naga Bhushanam is playing Vasudevudu character.

Immediately, NTR got so angry and said, “When I there is another actor who can play Vasudevudu, then what is the need for me to wear all this extra costume? I will come in casual western wear to play Krishna!” M.S. Reddy, who is also known for being highly temperamental, replied, “Ok let’s do that. We will pack up for today and tomorrow we will take the shot of you killing this Krishna in casual attire.” This comment calmed down NTR and M.S.Reddy later explained to him that this is Pondrika Vasudeva’s story who tries to claim he is real Krishna and follow Lord Krishna to the tee. When he starts to explore people, Krishna kills him to save the people. Hearing all this, NTR calmed down completely and participated in the shoot without any doubts.