An easy trick to escape stress by Anushka

Anushka Shetty has been taking ample rest to give her leg, time to recover fully and then start weight reduction. She has been trying different methods, but her left leg that got damaged during a song shoot, is still not 100% fit, for her to go all out it seems. Hence, even her next film after Bhaagamathie is also getting delayed and the actress should be highly stressed out with the situation.

Well, she gave her customary smile before answering this question to a famous daily and said, “We normally think our problems are the biggest and only we are facing such tough times. But when we start looking at others lives, everybody has something or the other going in their lives too.”

She continued, “Basically, we don’t listen to people often. We are more occupied with ourselves and hence, we turn insensitive to others too. In reality, we need to be as open and receiving towards others, as much as we expect them to be. I get my stress busted out whenever I listen to them and start thinking about my problems which appear smaller when compared to others. So, when you start listening to others you can relieve yourself from stress and that will help you grow patience and compassion as well.”