An early premiere for Chi La Sow

Very few filmmakers in these negative trends and times, dare to showcase their work on big screen to several audiences and friends, with special premieres prior to release. Only few have time to complete the movie two weeks before release and showcase it to different people too. Such has been the work tension and pace of a film progress. But Pelli Choopulu team started a trend With early premieres and that helped the movie pretty well.

Chi La Sow, unit to decided that they have a good film on their hands and invited people through a contest to watch the film. The movie is said to be taking place in 24 hours and in that one crazy day, how two people meet and decide, if they can be good life partners for life. Sushanth and Ruhani Sharma are playing the leads and Rahul Ravindran debuting as director with the film.

Movie received praises from Samantha, Naga Chaitanya and Nagarjuna. Even they have decided to firmly support the film. We heard that Nagarjuna even asked AISFM students also to attend the screening and learn from it. Well, the movie music by Prashanth is picking up on one hand and on the other we can see good confidence from the makers. Looks like they have a winner on their hands and we wish them all the luck at the box office, like we do for every film.