Ameerpet Lo

In an age where you are slowly finding your freedom and understanding the ways of world, you tend to be carefree and never give importance to anything other than your life. At times you get lazy, don’t care for parents wishes and spend your time just like that. What are you loosing? What you should be aware off?

PLOT : Vivek (Sri) aspires to become an actor and a big star. He comes to Ameerpet from a village. Even though he has an Engineering Degree he never acts on it and look to try his luck as an actor. He meets his friend Linga Babu (Sri Sai Praneeth) and they with two others live in Ameerpet in a room thinking about future and never caring for present. He meets Vennela (Tejaswini) and tries to date her casually. But her seriousness starts changing him and he tries to distance himself from her. On the other hand Linga Babu meets Sonia (Esha) and falls in love with her. As she is selfish and Linga Babu is desperate for love, they tend to have some problems. What is the culmination point of this story? What these people did in Ameerpet forms the story further.

Performances : Sri has handled writing, direction apart from being an actor in the film. He should have searched for other actors how much ever it was tempting to him to launch himself as an actor. He is awkward in emotional scenes, not at all graceful in dancing and emoting any kind of emotion seems to be a big task for him. If he had concentrated on direction rather than being face of the movie, may be he would done much better.

Tejaswini Sri looks better of the cast and she presents herself better. She needed a lot more scenes and clarity of thought to express herself better. May be she can be used as a character artist if she improves her acting skills. Esha, Sri Sai Praneeth and all others just looked like they got a chance but were highly clueless about what they should do and what is expected off them. Well not even one looked like they had clarity about what director was expecting of them.

Technicalities : Cinematography in the movie for the shoestring budget looks like needed some more effort and knowledge. There are better examples like Pelli Choopulu that you can take inspiration from. Digital cameras are easy to handle but Cinematography doesn’t mean keeping camera at a place. Blocking and staging are also very important concepts that look absent from the work.

Editor just tried his hand on several effects and cuts but there is no rhythm or anything to take back from. The effort to make a work or spoil it does happen on an editing table and if this is best they could do, then rushes could have been even bad. Music by Murali Leon is bad enough but the RR is too old school. BG Score is not about just giving some music but to let the effect of the executed shot and complied scene to be carried on by the audience watching it.

Writer Director Sri had a thought process to give a better message to youth but making a film just to give a message is not the best way to go forward. One can understand the trials and tribulations he might have gone through to execute even this output but when you just one shot and only shot, you need to make it count. If this is the best output that he genuinely believes in, he should try to read and understand cinema even better.

In the opening sequence he narrated that the film will have only characters and no hero heroine but he needed to understand it is not about just trying to write what you see but to capture the liveliness of the life, that is important for his story to work. He took inspirations from many old movies and well executed “youth” movies, but he missed the bus long before he reached the bus station. If he gets another chance, he should concentrate on the most comfortable job he can do and leave rest to others.

Analysis : After Ee Rojullo, Bus Stop, many young makers taking their short film concepts tried to make movies out of them. One idea that works on paper might be a good 5 mins or 40 mins film rather than a full fledged feature film. When you have a climax that appears as an ad film rather than a feature film, than either you need to learn the craft much more or you need to understand what ever idea you have to make a film is not the best one possible. Rather making some thing amateurish it’s better to learn and work towards understanding the craft. Avoidable film that takes itself too seriously.

Rating : 1/5