Amar Akbar Anthony

Srinu Vaitla is one of the few directors who created a huge impact on audiences with his movies. He seems to have lost the touch but he is coming back with his new movie, Amar Akbar Anthony to prove that he is still the same director that once we loved and respected. So, how is the movie? How did Ravi Teja perform? Did comedy work? Let’s discuss …


Amar (Ravi Teja) kills a big shot Industrialist. At the same time, his look-a-likes Akbar and Marc Anthony meet up Telugu NRIs who are organizing cultural events. They all get confused who is who. Even event organiser, Pooja (Ileana) who has a mental health issue is also confused between Akbar and Anthony. Are Amar Akbar Anthony are different people or one person? Who is Pooja and what is the connection between them? Watch the movie to know the details ..


Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja acted as if he is playing Raja The Great character again in few scenes. As Amar he is even more clueless. He is at home as Marc Anthony but even in that role he did not have scenes that could make the movie memorable at the least, for his die hard fans.

Ileana D’Cruz is really a downer for this movie. She is okay in scenes she needed to perform but her natural charm is missing. Subhalekha Sudhakar is good.

Sunil is wasted. Srinivas Reddy, Raghu Babu, Satya couldn’t really perform to their standards. All others are forgettable.


SS Thaman as a music director completed 100 films but the musician still seems to be clueless about giving loud music as BGM to music that suits the scene perfectly. His songs are forgettable.

MR Verma couldn’t really connect the entire story as a whole. His edit seemed to have clearly derailed after a promising start.

Venkat C. Dileep the cinematographer of the movie failed to add any substance to the visuals in the movie. He couldn’t really set the mood for the film as it needed from him!

Srinu Vaitla as a writer and director seems to have lost basic sense of writing and filmmaking. He is highly clueless in this movie as his characters don’t really gel well with the story he wanted to narrate. The premise of Dissociative Identity Disorder for the leads doesn’t really work. He couldn’t cleverly build sequences around it.

He tried to use it as a tear-jerking emotion but it did not sync properly into the script. Also, his comedy did not work well too. He just used the comedy to narrate the story when he is clueless how to take it forward. Either he should have used the premise cleverly or he should have made comedy film like he always did. He ended up being as clueless as he was in his previous films.


Any director who wants to make movies should be mindful of one thing, “Audience are always clever than the filmmakers.” Srinu Vaitla seems to have created his own world in which the audiences are clueless and dumber than 6 year old kids. The director mixed an age old revenge drama which he also said numerous times on screen with Athanokkade and Aparichitudu premises. That might have been new to him but audiences have seen 100 other versions of both the films.

His normal saviour comedy also failed to impress us here. The movie needed a solid premise and a stong narrator who wants to really tell a story. Sadly, Srinu Vaitla is no longer such strong filmmaker. This movie is another addition to his string of disasters.

Rating:: 1.5/5