Amala as ‘Madmax’ Lady

Mad Max: Fury Road became a global hit with the action lovers lapping up the movie. Tom Hardy delivered a box office hit as the lead and Charlize Theron as the supporting lead played a different character. The movie’s theme was to stop the head of the group who is hell bent on prisoning young women and have babies. He creates drought in his area to keep everyone under his control in already deserted land.

The movie became famous for its rustic presentation and bold costumes along with huge stunts. Why are we discussing so much about that film? Well, many wanted to recreate such rustic look and feel, but except for some no one could even dare about trying out such weird stuff on the screen. Those few exceptions did a poor job and hence, it has become highly difficult to replicate such style again.

But Amala Paul did it for her Tamil movie, Aadai, termed as Arrogant, Audacious and Artistic. Mr Rathna is directing the movie and it feels like we are going to watch something as raw as Mad Max, in this film.