Amala Akkineni talks about her web-series

Amala Akkineni suddenly decided to try her hand at acting again. She acted in Karwaan in Hindi recently and now, she has a web-series coming up.

The web-series is titled as High Priestess and has Brahmaji, Varalakshmi Sarathkumar, Sunaina, Krishna acting in the lead roles. Pushpa Ignatitus directed the web-series.

Amala talked about the show, soon to be available online. She said, “The story has several layers surrounding supernatural elements. When it comes to my part, Pushpa and I have had several discussions about ensuring a spiritual bent to the ending, so that it doesn’t merely spook people. She and I were on the same page in giving a purposeful dimension to the character.”

She informed that she is always a reluctant actress and said, “I’m still a reluctant actor. In fact, I am not desperately looking for work, as my role as the director of AISFM is keeping me quite busy. If I accept a project, it has to be worth my time.”