Allu Shirish demanding hefty remuneration

Film Industry is one place for professional freelancers who are called artists and entertainers. Success and failure of one film or project change their future like anything. For example a person till yesterday could be struggling to even eat and with one release becoming a hit at box office, he or she could become the celebrity and a rich person. The fame that follows with success is also a big difference between normal jobs of freelancers to filmmakers and actors.Legends like Akkineni Nageswara Rao, Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao also came into prominence after delivering consistent hits after hits.

But during their time an actor used to be working for a production house for month salary and slowly it changed to remuneration per film. Superstar Krishna and Megastar Chiranjeevi changed the dynamics of market with the increase in the number of theatres and the remunerations of actors increased exponentially. These days the actors have changed their stance and started demanding hefty amounts with just one success as they all believe that with ever growing market and ever changing demand and less success ratio, their careers could be short-lived. The interesting factor here is even the actors going from Industry families are also following the same principle.

Allu Shirish who started off his career as a magazine owner and producer looking at his brother’s success and thought he should also give his passion wings. He acted in Radha Mohan, Akasamantha, Gaganam fame, in the production of Prakash Raj, Gouravam but he was heavily criticised for his acting talent. But then he took some time off and came back with a better script in the direction of Maruthi, Kotha Janta. The film did not have much change in his fortune. With Srirasthu Subhamasthu becoming a hit he grew confident and it is heard that he is charging 1 crore remuneration for his next in Telugu. Well looking at the kind of popularity he gained with his three films the actor seems to be living in his own space.

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