Akhil3 officially starts

On the eve of Sri Rama Navami, the team of Akhil3, decided to hold pooja ceremony and Akkineni Nagarjuna attended the function as the chief guest. He gave the first clap on Akhil and handed over the official script to producer and director. At Annapurna Studios, the new film began and it is expected to come out by the end of this year.

Akhil took time off from films trying to get the story right for 2 years before he made his second film, Hello. After that he did not want to waste any time but he did not get the perfect script that he is waiting for to start off soon. Venky Atluri who made a film like Tholiprema came along with a nive story and BVSN Prasad who produced Tholiprema is producing this movie too. Akhil loved the narration and he wanted to work with Venky Atluri after watching Tholiprema.

Akhil believes that this is the right time for him to concentrate on different and youthful scripts. May not be just romances but this new film will have romance mixed with all the commercial elements it seems. Nagarjuna also wished his son to find the big commercial hit that he is looking with his third film. SS Thaman is composing music for the film. Still the other cast and crew details are not announced officially.