Akhil denies any film with RGV

Akhil Akkineni even though has secured lot of fame through his cricket gaming skills and looks even before his new movie release, couldn’t deliver a solid performance at the box office, to establish himself as a hero. He is trying his luck for the third time with Tholiprema director, Venky Atluri’s next. The movie is tentatively titled as Mr. Majnu and shoot will soon start in London. Niddhi Agerwal has been selected as the lead actress opposite him.

But recently, before Officer movie release, RGV said that he will be directing a film with Akhil soon and Nagarjuna will produce it. Officer bombed at the box office and now, RGV also announced his next movie, Virus, with Ebola Virus as the main story element. So, is that movie still on? Will Akhil do such a mistake after seeing Officer result as become the topic of discussion.

Well, Akhil at a recent event clarified that he has no idea about RGV film. He said, “I haven’t decided on my next film yet. I am focussing all my energies on only one film and that is the one with Venky Atluri. I don’t know who is spreading such news but I haven’t ever announced that I am doing a film with RGV or even my father never announced. I am going to London, next month for my film’s shoot and that is all on my head, right now!”