Ajay to play ‘negative’ for Akhil2!

Ajay is one of the famous character actors in Telugu and the man also tried to play lead roles in few movies. Despite of them being flops or hits, he never failed to impress audiences and Telugu people still remember him fondly for his act as Titla in Vikramarkudu. With his personality and acting talent, he craved a name for himself.

Now, he has been selected to play the role of an antagonist in the movie, Akhil2.Akhil started off his career with a big disaster with his first film, Akhil. Since then his father, Akkineni Nagarjuna waited with bated breadth to produce his next film and relaunch him with a much much bigger and better film, that will give him the much needed push for longer and successful career. For that, Nagarjuna cancelled many films that appeared to have taken off and announced as well by Akhil.

Finally, they started the movie in the direction of Vikram Kumar, Manam fame. The movie is said to be the story of a young man fighting for his love and belongs to a new genre altogether. Hollywood stuntman is working for the project and soon, Ajay will join the shoot. Ajay had a major role to play in 24 and Ishq, films directed by Vikram Kumar and he shares a good bond with the director as well. The character he offered is the best one in the career of Ajay and rest of the details will be announced soon.

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