After Nithiin, Allari Naresh delivers maximum flops in a row

In Telugu Film Industry, any actor is as good as his or her last Friday. If they deliver a hit then they are surrounded by appreciation and offers. If they deliver a flop then they might have one or two offers but if they deliver disaster then they have to struggle hard and if they active stardom then have to choose wisely. But few of the actors go through a long period of lows and it looks like they are out of the equation for good. Earlier Pawan Kalyan, Nithiin have gone through this kind of low phase in the recent past with many of their films recording flops and disasters at the box office.

Before NTR, Krishna, Rajendra Prasad were said to have delivered 8 or more films that flopped in a row but latest Nithiin have crossed all the highest numbers with 13 in a row until he got Ishq with Vikram Kumar and turned it around. After him, Allari Naresh who grew as a reliable medium budget comedy hero, is going through the greatest depression of his career. Sudigadu, his last hit movie was such a high for the actor that immediately after that film he has been unable to get at least decent success with even his 50th film flopping.

The spree started with Yamudiki Mogudu and continued with Action 3D, Kevvu Keka, Laddu Babu, Jump Jilani, Brother of Bommali, Bandipotu, James Bond, Mama Manchu Allu Kanchu, Selfie Raja and now even Intlo Deyyam Nakem Bhayyam has flopped at the box office. Allari Naresh grew in his career by mixing his films and character selection by doing great characters like Gaali Seenu and being a part of Shambo Shiva Shambo. With his over dependence on spoof and slapstick comedy, he is loosing his audience rapidly. He can still make a comeback with one great film that brings audience back to theatre on his name by taking Nithiin and some others as inspiration.

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