What is the best possible way to give your Guru a tribute? By making his style of films with a big hero and then hope it scores a blockbuster none-the-less. Shankar tailor made the revenge formula of 70’s in a new way and had an honesty in making the movies more plot driven even with big actors. Does this tribute to his movies have same qualities?

Plot : A doctor Bhargav (Vijay) is arrested by police under huge protest from locales and they ask him why he committed some specific crimes against doctors only. He reveals fee details but they soon understand he is covering up for another person and we meet his twin brother Vijay (Vijay) a magician. Why are they doing this against hospitals and doctors? What happened to their father, Vijay Bhargav and how is Daniel Arogyaraj (SJ Suryah), connected to all this? Watch the movie to know if your guess is right.

Performances : Vijay shoulders the movie more with his charm than acting abilities. He tries to look different but doesn’t change much for three characters. He gives a mannerism to one of the characters and that is all. May be the actor in him needs to be challenged and brought out more.

Nitya Menen gets the best role out of three heroines and gives her best performance. Samantha and Kajal Aggarwal are just wasted in the bloated cameos that give hero(es) some time to concentrate on romance as well.

SJ Suryah plays a different character to his SPYder one and delivers again. She looks like the person he is playing and also gives his character, a subtle variaton that is delightful enough. Vadivelu and others are just there to give Vijay an elevation at important times.

Technicalities : G.K. Vishnu uses the background art work really well to bring out differences in the characters. Also, he tries to concentrate more on giving a color tone to the proceedings rather than visually enhancing the scenes and the subject.

Ruben just forgot to cut the unnecessary parts in the movie. He just made a cut where Vijay is given ample time to be on screen in three characters so that his fans enjoy but overlong runtime hurts the movie more than helping it.

A.R. Rahman seems to be disinterested in working for a popular genre film. His background score is too loud and songs, not upto his standards except for one. May be the composer needs to just do those films with meat rather than complete commercial masala movies.

Atlee, just gave tribute to Vijay fans for making Theri/Police a hit. He decided to even include his guru, Shankar in the tribute and used all the traits of his popular movies. He neither tried to come up with something that is fresh from the outset nor did he harm the senses of audience too much.

Analysis : This movie is more for those audience who care less for logic and more for punchlines in dialogues. This is more for those who celebrate heroism and less for those who need a grand elevation to celebrate their hero than some cheap tricks. Movie makers come up with another big hero film that works in parts and leaves you yawning at different parts as it is nothing new and effective enough.

Rating : 2.5/5

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