Adhugo Bunty makes an impression

Adhugo is one of the few films that are aimed at children from Telugu Film Industry. Ravi Babu who made films different genres like Anasuya, Allari, Avunu, Nuvvila, Manasara and many more is trying out a 3D piglet adventure film, Adhugo. The movie is first of its kind in Telugu Cinema and the team finally released Theatrical trailer for the film and announced the release for Dussehra holidays.

Ravi Babu said, “Many asked me if we are participating in a marathon run or making a film. We announced it two years ago and one of them jokingly asked, even two Mahesh Babu films have released, when we can see your Pig film. It is finally ready as we expected it to be in the budget we had. We are releasing it in 3D as a treat for all kids during Dussehra holidays and Bunty will make you laugh and cry at the same time.”

The theatrical trailer released is impressive as far as animation goes. But the trailer cut is not upto the mark and we have to say, the artificial feel is still there, visible. Anyways, we have to appreciate Ravi Babu efforts in making the film and lets meet Bunty during holiday season. Suresh Productions is distributing and co-producing the movie with Flying Frogs.