Actress Trisha also ready for marriage?

There are few gossips that no one can believe and there are few that are highly believable as the sources seem to be highly trustworthy and we can’t ignore them. According to the latest gossip from Kollywood trusted sources, actress Trisha is also looking to get married by the year end.

The actress is said to be in a relationship with a businessman from several years. There are rumours about her proximity with another actor but they have been dismissed as rumours by her mother. Also, her close circles have been telling us that after she had a failed engagement, she started completely concentrating on films and different subjects than any of the personal life developments.

She has been making herself ultra busy that she has no time for anything else in her life. She is now doing six movies in Tamil and three of them, are getting ready for release. Another three are in various stages of production. This gossip has come out because the actress is on a shopping spree like never before and the reports suggest that she even went abroad to shop. As Shriya Saran, Sonam Kapoor and Anushka Sharma denied the reports until they really got married, we have to wait and see, if Trisha will also keep secrecy or reveal the details about her personal life.