When Actress Dominated Actor!

In Telugu Cinema, it is rare to see an actor get dominated by actress as many like to see their favourite actor deliver punches and attack villains like never before. At times, heroines get a chance to do everything that heroes do and those films are called lady oriented movies where the story is same but said from a lady character point of view. But when the actor and actress have equal characters? Can one dominate the other? Yes, in few films actresses have dominated the actor. Let’s see what are they..

Colors Swathi – Ashta ChammaColours SwathiAshta Chamma is the first commercial film for Swathi and Indraganti Mohan Krishna. Today, we remember the film more as Nani and Avasarala Srinivas debut but when you see the film, you notice only one character and one actor, that is, Colors Swathi. It is this film, that propelled her chances to become an actor from an anchor. She dominated all her co-stars and she is the main reason that we enjoy the movie even today!

Hebah Patel – Kumari 21FHebah PatelHebah Patel rocked every young heart in the Telugu States with her cute and bold act in the movie Kumari 21 F. The story followed her character and the characters of four other young men, one whom she loves and other three who lusts on her. The film might have a disturbing ending, but that disturbance is due to her character and her performance earned her great name and fame as well.

Nanditha Raj – Prema Katha ChitramNandita RajNanditha might be struggling today to find appropriate chances, but she created a sensation with her ghost act in the movie, Prema Kadha Chitram. The movie became a big hit due to her looks and acting as the ghost. After debuting in Teja’s Neeku Naaku Dash Dash, it is this movie, that made her popular among the youth audience.

Tamannah Bhatia – 100% LoveTamannaTamannah in her early stages had good films and roles that helped her establish a market for herself without any problem. She got some attention in the movie, Happy Days and by the time, 100% Love released she is an upcoming actress. But with her looks and performance, in Mahalakshmi Character she made every one say, “That is Mahalakshmi”.

Nitya Menon – Gunde Jaari GallanthayyindeNitya MenonNitya Menon is known as an actress with her very first film, Ala Modalayyindi but she started dominating her co-stars in the movies she has been a part of after Gunde Jaari Gallanthayyinde. Before the movie, she acted in Ishq with Nithiin and revived his career with the movie. The very next movie, Gunde jaari Gallanthayyinde had the hit pair but this time Nitya got more name despite of her looking chubby in the movie.

Lavanya Tripathi – Andala RakshashiLavanya TripatiIn her very first film, Lavanya Tripathi had a brilliant character as Mithuna in Andala Rakshashi. While in many debut movies, directors look to dominate the screen with their story telling prowess, but Hanu Raghavapudi decided to let his character Mithuna dominate the movie and Lavanya earned a good name with the movie and her role imprinted her in the hearts of young souls.

Rakul Preet Singh – Rarandoyi Veduka ChuddamRakul PreetIn Rarandoyi Veduka Chuddam, even though there are equally well balanced characters for both Shiva and Bhramarambha, it is Bhramarambha who takes the centre stage as an innocent village belle and Rakul nailed the character with her performance. Even Nagarjuna the producer, praised her with high compliments for her portrayal. The movie earned her more name than any of her previous films.

Samantha Ruth Prabhu – A…Aa..SamanthaIn a Trivikram Srinivas film, his writing and his characters dominate the movie and in A..Aa.. it is one character that mostly dominated the story, Anasuya Ramalingam. In such a character, Samantha breathed the life into it and helped the movie to become a success with her beautiful portrayal. She looked different from her previous films and easily dominated other actors with her screen presence.

Ramya Krishnan – BaahubaliRamya KrishnanIn the magnum opus like Baahubali where each and every major character had at least one scene to shine, it is Ramya Krishnan as Sivagami, who could easily walk with high praises for her portrayal. Even though the focus is more on Prabhas as Baahubali and Sivudu, it is her role that forms the crux of the film and she elevated the importance with her performance.