Actress Archana in a Horror movie!

There are only few actors in our film industry whom we say even though had many going for them like presentable face, glamour and acting talent, still could not make it among the popular actors in the Industry. They could be quite rare but we can find them in every generation. Most of them get depressed after trying for some time and give up on their dreams. But actress, Archana seems to belong to the first category.

She never had been as successful as few of other contemporaries but she seldom gave up on her dreams. Even though there are breaks in her progress, she always tried to comeback with one or the other film, hoping to work it out. The actress is now trying another shot at success with her new movie. This one is a Horror movie directed by debutant Ashwin.

The director is introducing a fresh face with the movie and Archana would be the key person for the story to move forward. The actress is quite pumped up about the movie and this won’t be a routine story trying to ape Chandramukhi as per the sources. The story will be about a group who fall prey unceremoniously for random incidents. The team has worked on the script for months and they are confident about the success. The shooting of the movie is almost complete and further details will be revealed soon.

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