Abhiram Daggubati gets out of trouble!

Things for Abhiram Daggubati doesn’t seem to be getting normal anytime soon. The son of famous producer, Suresh Babu, has been facing allegations in sexual harassment. Sri Reddy, the actress has made the allegations by sharing some intimate pictures of them during they were in a relationship. The actress alleged that they had a relationship as he promised her good opportunities in Film Industry.

Well, four persons thought of taking advantage of his situation by blackmailing him for money. They stole his mobile phone two years ago and after the controversy blew up, they unlocked the phone and found some of the intimate details of his relationship with Sri Reddy. They immediately blackmailed him by sending him e-mails and the young man reported this to his father. They asked for Rs. 1.50 crores for not leaking the information.

Suresh Babu went to police and they acted smartly. They trapped them by baiting them with money and arrested all four of them. One of them is a rickshaw puller and other three of them are private employees. Well, the information on the whole is recovered by the police and for Abhiram escaped from the trouble of being manipulated and blackmailed for life.