Name and Fame are like addiction to anyone who dreams to become big. While it is not easy to achieve them, it is also difficult to bury the disappointment knowing your potential but not being able to transform that into some credible work. What if you kill yourself early unable to handle the depression? How will you fulfill your dream despite death?

Plot : Krishna ( Prabhu Deva) is a software employee in Mumbai with handsome salary. But despite being an eligible bachelor he doesn’t find someone to settle down for even after 32 rejections by modern and accurate grammar speaking girls. He hails from a village Venkatapalem and his family is too conservative and from Village background. Due to his grandmother’s illness Krishna marries Devi (Tamannah) an innocent village girl. He shifts with family to Mumbai but one fine night he discovers that his wife is under influence of a ghost Ruby! What does Ruby want? How is Raj Karan (Sonu Sood) connected to this ghost story? Watch it on screen

Performances : Prabhu Deva after long time on screen proves that he has not lost touch with his acting skills and still dances like dream. But he hams through out the film with few fixed expressions. Tamannah as Devi put her heart and soul into the film looking like a glam doll worth weight in gold in modern dresses and as village girl her make up doesn’t suit her much. Still she makes an honest attempt to raise above the average script.

Sonu Sood had nothing much to do other than look at Tamannah with love and flex his muscles. Sapthagiri is fine in his hero friend role. Prudhvi and Satheesh failed to evoke laughter. Rest all actors are there to fill up the screen space. Murali Sharma is wasted in the meaning less role as the hero manager.

Technicalities : Camera work for the film is very good and owing to the limited budget for the film the vfx is done really well for the film. Manush Nandan appears to be knowing what he does with camera. Editing by Anthony keeps the movie pacy and makes the borefest bearable.

Production values by the parties involved are commendable. Music by Sajid Wajid is highly forgettable except for the already popular song Chal maar. BG Score by Gopi Sundar is good and in accordance with the proceedings.

The Script work by Vijay and other writers from different languages is highly mediocre. They could not bring a 90’s idea with a twist kind of plot to life on screen and direction by Vijay is also highly mediocre. He misses the mark with many convenient scenes and tries to make it all hanky dory by the end of the run time.

The only positive in this movie after Prabhu Deva ‘s dance number and Tamannah’s glam doll persona is run time. Your misery is limited to 2 hrs 15 mins only. With an interesting and funny premise Vijay fails to dwell into the relationship of Krishna and Devi that needed to develop organically. But as the climax approaches hero suddenly falls in love with his wife and we are asked to believe that they had intimate relationship.

Laced with “creative liberties” , the film tries to follow a fixed pattern of horror comedies and ends up being a half baked dish that was never required to be made in the first place leave it being made in three languages.

Analysis : Movies are meant to be entertaining, agreed! But a movie like this needs to be fresh and the comedy value of the movie should be so much engrossing. But the script never raises beyond few gags and the emotional connect that the director expects from an audience member will be dearly missed. It would be as exhausting for the actors to perform the same scene in three different languages as it is for the audience to sit through the harmless tight runtime.

Rating : 1.5/5

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