We have many social issues in our society like being jealous of a person who is prospering, not really letting anyone do their job seriously and mostly, being negligent about our very own mother nature. These seem to be lesser evils when we meet people who can hack into anything and take your everything without you knowing. In a social media world, we have to be aware of each and everything we make available online and also, to whom we are sharing our details.

Plot : Karunakaran (Vishal) is a military officer who has been suspended because of his anger and temperament issue. He needs to arrange money for his sister Savitri’s marriage. He is unable to do so due to his ongoing issue with Army enquiry and he is pushed to take up a shortcut.

He gets the loan of 10 lakhs but all that amount will be transferred into an unknown account within seconds. Karunakaran starts digging why and how, this has happened. He cannot go to police but he can try to bring the real criminal to the police. So, how did he do it? Is he able to really identify the evil? Is his way of dealing things is enough to save many? Watch the movie for answers …

Performances : Vishal turns out to be the positive point of this slow paced drama film. He carries with ease the person who has anger issues and plays it quite well, when he has to show other emotions too, within the character. He chose a real good character that suits him, after sometime.

Samantha Akkineni is beautiful and she did her role very well. Senior actor, Arjun Sarja, really did a great job as the antagonist of the film. But for a person like him, who can do much more, if the character had so much more teeth and depth, it wood have been even great.

All other actors are passable in their respective roles. There is no standout performance except for the leads, to talk about.

Technicalities : Cinematography by George C Williams is really good. His lighting concepts are eye-catching and also relatable with the story. He created a good ambiance to set up the mood for the film, in association with the art department.

Yuvan Shankar Raja’s music is OK. He did a good job in the BGM department. He might not be still at his very best but he did not let us down. He made it evident that we are watching a thriller with his score.

Ruben’s editing could have been little razor sharp as he did allow some scenes to slow down the proceedings, where it was needed for some pace and momentum. He did decent job in not letting the intensity dial down completely.

Writer and director, P.S. Mithran took up all the problems that one can face online due to data theft and data hacks, in one film. The problem is that it gets too long after a point to just see one problem after another just being talked about while it is not dealt in a convincing manner. We wait for the film to pick up pace and deliver a clever solution rather it keeps mentioning even more issues and then tries to set up another film. That does feel like we have watched a film that doesn’t have proper ending or even the start.

Analysis : Abhimanyudu, is referred to be one of the mightiest heroes in our mythology. So, the hero trying to chase down a clever web of a tactful villain is a great premise but the director just wanted too many issues to be discussed and he forgot to give a motivation to the villain, which could have made him scarier. Anyways, the movie does have its moments and it is a good ideas collage that tries hard to set up a franchise. For this weekend, if you find no other option, you can give this movie a try with low expectations.

Rating : 2.5/5

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