Aatagadhara Siva

Human emotions and values do not fit into one type of mould. They change with time, place and maturity of the persons involved. But a rule book only sees the crime but not the intension behind. Many criminals could be good hearted people and many who appear innocent could be doing most heinous crimes.

The world is a playground for creator and we all try to fit into the roles defined for us over the time. Our thinking and our relationships change and mature, with time. But in the playbook of the creator we are still his characters and we start on our clueless journeys to reach the same ultimate end point. In the meantime, we could be an accused criminal, a lover, a caste fanatic, a soldier or even an executioner. So, what does our journey mean? What can we really achieve through all this?

Plot : Babji (Uday Shankar) manages to escape from prison after being sanctioned the capital punishment, days before his execution. As he runs, his destiny guides him to his executioner, Jangayya (Doddanna) and we wonder what will their journey with an estranged love couple lead to? Watch the movie on silver screen to experience the journey.

Performances : Doddanna proves that he is regarded as a good actor in Kannada not for fun. He managed to bring a cuteness to his character Jangayya, while he had some cruel looks. His portrayal of the character is the life of this film.

Uday Shankar looked his best when he had full beard on but very amateurish and different, after clean shave. He did his best but even better actor could have helped the role.

Hyper Aadi kept the proceedings light and all other actors did their bit well enough. None of their performances stand out.

Technicalities : Lavith’s camera work for the movie is one of the highlights. Even though the movie happens entirely on road and that too in long dry terrains, the location never distracts our eye and we are focussed on director wants to tell us right from the first frame.

Vasuki Vaibhav gave an album that is fitting for the cinema and its storyteller’s perspective. Nobin Paul’s score also fits the movie well.

Editing by Navin Nooli is good but some choice of shots looked weird and out of place at times. Still it is one of his decent cuts in the recent history.

Chandra Siddhartha proved that he has a knack of delivering good cinema every now and then. His Aa Naluguru still remains his best but Aatagadhara Siva’s writing is close to that film. The way the script moves forward uniting all the threads and exposing good in bad and bad in good, we enjoy the proceedings without any doubt.

But he has a problem in identifying the right situations to use satire and right actors to deliver the satire right. This time budget woes also added to his regular difficulty. Still, he managed to make a decent film on the backing on strong writing.

Analysis : The movie is not about triumph but about human emotions that we miss today, compassion and ability to understand. We make an opinion on others veedu quickly that we hate them or love them in few seconds trying to judge them in a giffy, rather than giving them time.

We also find for means to make money easily rather than the hard way. Everything in our lives is decided by money rather than human emotion. The movie talks about it in detail while also asking the rule book judges to come out of their world and see the other side.

Rating : 2/5

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