Aadi’s Horror thriller!

These days, horror genre is proving to be a fruitful box office commercial formula with many actresses who got some fan following trying to deliver a success. Even for various actors the genre has proven to be a successful formula to end their run of disappointments. The actors made it clear that a good script with fun elements and novelty is the best way to go forward with the thumping successes of Prema Katha Chitram and Ekkadikipothavu Chinnavada.

Now, actor Aadi who made his debut few years ago with back to back successes Prema Kavali and Lovely is in desperate need for a success and the actor wants to end the present rut that he has inflicted upon himself with some bad script choices and wants to change the fortunes towards his side. So, he thought about asking as many as youngsters to send their scripts and ideas to give them an opportunity to showcase their talent.

Finally, he agreed to star in the movie directed by Prabhakar Ponnada who is popular as ETV Prabhakar. He is a popular anchor on TV and producer as well. He got a chance to develop a script for Geeta Arts and the talented man used it to his advantage. He spent maximum time possible on script with able help and decided to tell the story to Aadi. The young actor accepted the offer and soon the film will start shooting. Vaibhavi Sandhilya will be the lead actress for the movie and Geeta Arts, GA2, UA Creations and StudioGreen will produce the movie on V4 production banner.

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