A rare hattrick of disasters for Manchu Family!

Manchu Family, has become the biggest joke in the Telugu Film Industry due to their off-screen behaviour and the kind of films they are been doing over the years. Manchu Mohan Babu, worked hard for 40 years, to create a name for himself, but his successors, Manchu Vishnu, Manchu Lakshmi and Manchu Manoj have been delivering bad movies after bad movies and loosing all the name that their father has worked hard to earn all these years.

The buzz in the industry, is that even the family head, Mohan Babu is worried about the trend and advising his children to take better care about the kind of filmmakers they are working with. He explained them, how much he had to struggle to get a famous filmmaker to direct a movie with him as the lead and how he kept on trying until he found subjects that suited him.

Within the three months, January, February and March, Manchu Family released three films and the cumulative collections of the films is found to be less than 8 crores. Gunturodu has collected the highest with 4 crores, while Lakshmi Bomb couldn’t even collect a total of one crore over the weekend. The losses recurred by the producers over the three films is more than 20 crores. This is a rare hattrick of disasters by any family. How will they combat this negative trend has become an interesting topic among the industry insiders?!

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