A race for 2000 crores between Dangal and Baahubali 2!

Dangal and Baahubali 2 are the big movies of Indian Cinema ever. They have collected more than any other movies from India and the race between both the movies as become the talk of the town. Until Baahubali 2 released, it is Dangal that remained at the pinnacle with 716 crores gross from Indian markets and other overseas markets. Baahubali 2 changed that and collected 1000 crores within no time becoming the highest ever.

The movie then raced on to go for 1500 crores mark collecting 500 crores from Hindi market alone. Even the movie recorded phenomenal numbers from every language it released and it has set an unbeatable record in American Market that includes USA and Canada. But Dangal rose from the death like a phoenix with the help of Chinese Market and collected a staggering 1200 crores from the theatrical release and also Taiwan contributed 36 crores to the tally, taking it close to 1950 crores gross and making it the biggest hit of Indian Cinema ever.

Baahubali 2 stands at 1700 crores and the makers are now eyeing a China release and planning to publicise it Dangal way to test their luck for the second time. The first film did not become a major success and they hope to better it by all means this time. As the film stopped collecting as furiously as it did before, collecting another 40 crores from China for Dangal is a tough task and makers are looking at releasing the movie in other European markets to complete the 2000 crores landmark but as the permissions are not easy to get by, the film release might take some time. Baahubali 2 makers are long in discussions with the European markets distributors too and they are looking to release the movie in those markets along with China in August. Well, if the movie manages to perform better in those areas, it could become the first film to gross 2000 crores before Dangal. The competition of Box office giants is still on and we admire it to the core!

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