A new action thriller on Telugu screen

PSV Garuda Vega, is the new film directed by Praveen Sattaru who made films like Chandamama Kathalu previously. He won a National Award for the movie and then made an erotic comedy, Guntur Talkies.

Now, the director decided to change his path and direct an action thriller with snipers trying to stop a gang from exporting rare animal species from sea.

The teaser of the movie is impressive and the shot compositions are on the par with many International Thrillers. Also, the movie seems to have a good plot attached to the thrilling adventurous ride that it promised to provide. The basic plot seems to revolve around stopping animal mafia that tries to smuggle rare species of turtles. Such kind of military operation based films are not new for Telugu Cinema but they have reduced coming out these days. Rajasekhar did such a film with the title, Magadu previously and it is heartening to see him try again such a theme.

Most importantly, Rajasekhar seems to be back to his strong zone and he even looks completely a part of the film rather than looking misplaced like his previous ones. Even the others like Ali, Kishore, Shraddha Das look as parts more than just the actors. Here you can watch the teaser.