A case against Lavanya in Film Chamber!

Lavanya Tripathi is one of the cute and highly talented heroines from Telugu Cinema. Her looks and acting skills have been put to test in few movies and she came out with flying colors proving her fame to be a well-deserved one. But right now, she is facing few controversies and that too due to miscommunication caused by the director who has put up a case on her.

Going into the details, Lavanya agreed to be part of Vijay Devarakonda and Parasuram film. At the same time, she agreed to be a part of the Tamil movie, 100% Kadhal a remake of 100% Love. She had to walk out of both the films as the dates have clashed and the director of the Tamil Film, 100% Kadhal, Chandramouli without her consent tried to solve the issue. So she decided to exit from both the films. But that decision has angered Chandramouli and he filed a case on her in Film Chamber.

Chandramouli said, “Lavanya needs to answer why she exited from my film. Her reason is too silly and she cannot just act however she likes to. We have written a contract and she was supposed to join the shoot in September. But now with another actress I am starting the shooting in October and the release could get delayed due to this. She is answerable for het behaviour and we want her to know that. I am not going fully devoid my attention to this issue as I need to concentrate on my film.” Well, may be Lavanya should have tried to amicably solve the issue rather than acting in spit of anger.