8 Telugu Comedians Who Are Breaking Into The Scene

Comedians and Comedy – These are very important for every film to satisfy the audience, especially in Telugu movies. We have embraced comedy like no one else. Well, there are many star comedians in the Telugu Industry who are ruling it from the last two decades. They have won the hearts of many and brought peals of laughter from the audience with their natural and hilarious acting.

Now, the trend seems to be changing. A welcoming change! From Brahmanandam, Ali, MS, AVS, now the scenes are being occupied with the new age stars. These new age comedians caught the nerve of the audience and they are ruling now. Have a look at them.

Prudhvi Raj

Prudhvi Raj,Comedy Movies,Telugu comedians,Jabardasth



Sapthagiri,Comedy Movies,Telugu comedians,Jabardasth


Posani Krishna Murali

Posani Comedy Movies,Comedy Movies,Telugu comedians,Jabardasth


Jaya Prakash

Comedy Movies,Telugu comedians, Jaya Prakash,Jabardasth


Thagubothu Ramesh

Thagubothu Ramesh,Comedy Movies,Telugu comedians,Jabardasth


Vennela Kishore

Vennela Kishore


Chalaki Chanti

Comedy Movies,Telugu comedians,Chalaki Chanti,Jabardasth


Shakalaka Shankar

Comedy Movies,Telugu comedians,Jabardasth,Shakalaka Shankar