24 Kisses

Light-hearted narrative or a deep moving self-help narrative are used to tell a story that seem universal and completely worthless if told in other style. But knowing which way to go is a must for any maker. Why? Because you may end up as 24 Kisses maker. Read on to find out why is it so …


An Independent Filmmaker Anand Kumar (Adith Arun) finds himself talking to a physiatrist (Rao Ramesh) in a white room that represents his coldness and rigidness to society. He meets an undergraduate student, Sri Lakshmi (Hebah Patel) who drives him into a colorful world due to their physical attraction. Can this physical attraction which leads for them to kissing, end up curing his problems? Watch the movie to know more ..


Adith Arun needs a good script. He has the talent to be a part of a good narrative too. But does he have the charm to carry an ok script? Or conviction to make us fall for him? As per this film goes, he doesn’t have it yet. Maybe in future, he may develop it.

Hebah Patel with make-up or without make-up can only be Kumari on-screen. Like Genelia who almost sticked to bring Hasinee on screen, Hebah too can only be Kumari. Aditi Mykal seems to have had some dates and just walked onto the sets of 24 kisses and walked out. There is no purpose for her story.

Naresh is good. Rao Ramesh is terrifically terrible. All others are not even worthy of a mention.


Music by Joi Barua doesn’t really ring a bell to the tastes of Telugu audiences. It tries to be English tunes copied in Telugu film and even lyrics try to be dubbed ones.

Editing by Anil Aalayam is not up to the standards of a Film. Any good editor tries to look at the pace and also try to give the entire film a tone. He missed that by a mile.

Cinematography by Uday Gurrala is not that good and not too bad too. He seems to have been asked by the director to come up with a certain tone but that came out as dull as the entire story.

Written and Directed by Ayodhyakumar Krishnamsetty. The film needed another two, three or n number of versions that could find the right tone to say the right emotions in the right way. He couldn’t find the right tone as a writer and as a director, he missed the right path too. We might like one way of telling a story and world might like another way. There is no necessity that we change our way but we need to find a mid-way for our sensibilities to match with the ones that watch our movie.

If we try to ape any popular filmmakers style or just tell the same story in our way, that doesn’t bring in freshness. Every story needs a heart and every heart has its own beats. This heart skips many beats that we feel like it is almost heartless-stone cold.


Majority of filmmakers look for inspirations from all over the world. There is a huge death of originality in the Telugu Filmmakers these days. The missing factor is their penchant to tell stories. Another filmmaker today made a film that emphasizes making and style than content. There is nothing new in the film and even the freshness tried by the makers look like someone is forcing them to tell the story in a musical/docudrama/slice of lifestyle that few World renowned makers made it their own.

As there is no clarity on how to present the story, the screenplay goes from being a slick slice of life dramedy to emotionless physical love therapy session that we can gladly give a miss. On the whole, the movie might have been a good attempt if the director tried to fix to one form of the narrative rather than jumping from one tone to another like ab English serial. It is not 24 Kisses but 24 missed opportunities to tell a story.

Rating: 0.5/5