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Two different individuals coming from distinctive cultures and lifestyles will have mindsets appropriate to their households. When you fear one is not working out for you, you may choose or look out for help in another. This is the basic premise of a relationship. Be it people from two different countries or states or areas. No, two people and households are entirely and exactly similar to each other but can be diabolically different to each other. Can such relationship between two entirely different people continue without hassles? Can it withstand the storms?

Story : Ullas (Sunil) a carefree money minded person, from Venkatahpuram village decides to sabotage the political career and marriage of Ullas (Dev Gill) for money. He also cheats Patel (Shiyaji Shinde) and his crippled sister for Laya (Manisha Raj), an NRI who was set to marry other Ullas.

But she is an alcoholic and he has a past connection with her that enables their match, even though she finds out he is the same person. She tells him about her condition but he exclaims to love her without completing hearing to what she said in unconscious state due to alcohol. After he realises, he tries to hide the fact from his family and decides to move to USA with her. Will their relationship last? Can she recover from alcohol abuse? Watch the movie for answers ..

Performances : Sunil as become monotonous on screen. His usual energetic punch comedy has faded out because of his lack of confidence on screen and it is visible in his performance through out. He needs to find some confidence within himself or his trusted directors soon to make a comeback. This is a forgettable performance from him.

Manisha Raj does not have enough maturity to carry role of an alcoholic and even looks wise she doesn’t impress much. Naresh, the senior actor irritates to the core. Pridhvi doesn’t come up with enough goods and all others like Sithara, Raja Ravindra, Shiyaji Shinde, Jhansi, Chandra Mohan, Krishna Bhagawan are wasted.

Technicalities : C. Ram Prasad doesn’t really come up with the goods required for the movie. His work is highly inconsistent and also, doesn’t have any interesting aspects to really talk about. This is just another paycheck job for him.

Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao seems to have just assembled the scenes in an order like in Malayalam rather than seriously trying to judge the movie in Telugu and trying to minimise the damage. Had he even concentrated much more than he did, movie might have not improved.

Gopi Sundar has a name for his Back Ground score and he seems to have just grown over confident of it. His score rather than aiding the film destroyed it further. His songs too are highly lacklustre.

Director N.Shankar needed to think about his casting choices and also about the script of the movie. Few films of other actors in their respective languages work in the style they are made because of the actors there and that need not be brought in the similar sense and style to Telugu as well. Even when you are remaking the film, you need to be aware of the strengths of the story and screenplay. A laugh and fun riot need not be exactly the same and had he kept it in mind, the story had some elements to work and he could have made a better movie. This is just plain atrocity of a film from him.

Analysis : Few films work because of the actors in the lead. Their comic timing and ability to connect with audience at ground level gives them the confidence to carry on even with an okayish script. When you don’t adhere to such facts and go with a belief that one kind of a film that worked big time in one language can work in another too with just few changes here and there, you end up making a lazy film like this one. Not worth of your time.

Rating : 1/5

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