2.0 shines even brighter on Sunday

Sunday is a huge holiday for any film in India and many producers expect the first Sunday to deliver maximum numbers for their film. The same has been the case with the non-holiday release, 2.0

Producers wanted the movie to score massive numbers on Saturday and Sunday, as they knew the movie is coming in a difficult season for films. As they expected Word of Mouth caught up on Sunday and the movie collected more than Rs. 100 crores gross cumulatively on Sunday in different languages.

The share of the movie in two Telugu states crossed 33 crores and even the share in Tamil Nadu is close to 32 crores. Hindi version net, crossed 94.5 crores and it is expected to cross 100 crores on Monday for sure.

We have to wait and see, how from Monday movie will sustain into the second weekend. The cumulative Worldwide gross of the film is said to be close to Rs. 350 crores.