118 has a decent first weekend

Nandamuri Kalyanram decided to star in a thriller after a long time. He did take such a step for Hareram and then sticked to routine movies, more or less.

He tried something different after a long time and Telugu audiences, seem to be responding well. The movie collected decent 3.6 crores share in the first weekend.

Nivetha Thomas’s character and her screen presence did help the movie and its collections as she has good fanbase and a name as a performer among audiences.

In USA, movie isn’t doing well but Mahasivaratri is helping the movie on Monday in telugu States.

Area Share (in Rs.)

Nizam 1.68 Cr

Ceeded 64 lakhs

Krishna 33 lakhs

West 18 lakhs

East 21 lakhs

Guntur 36 lakhs

UA 47 lakhs

Nellore 11 lakhs

AP/TS 3.68 Crores

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