10 Kinds of Fathers We Generally See In Our Society

Father – it’s not a word. Its an emotion! Avunu, emdaya famous ayina dialogue ye gani baga depth unna words.

Though we have a special place for our fathers in our hearts, we rarely take time to express it to them. The father bonding has been buzzing with everyone since the release of Nannaku Prematho and I am no exception to that. A father may be jovial or over caring, he is always a father. While fathers are individuals like us, they too have their principals and policies in bringing up their child. We cannot say that fathers can be categorised into types or groups, but at the end of day, they do carry a tag in our discussions with friends and family.

Here are some kinds of fathers which most of us might relate to. It could be your father or your friends fathers.

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Srimanthudu Movie


Mirchi Movie

Kick Movie

Julayi Movie

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